Student committees are open to any member of Swarthmore's student body. There are two types of student committees: institutional committees and ad hoc committees. Institutional committees make up Swarthmore's infrastructure and deal primarily with allocating funds and maintaining yearly processes. Applications for institutional committees are called for once per semester by the appointments committee. The formation of ad hoc committees is at the discretion of the Executive Board. Please view the descriptions of all institutional committees below.   

Student Budget Committee (SBC)

Student Budget Committee is responsible for allocating the Student Activities Budget (SAB)  to all of Swarthmore's chartered student groups and institutional committees.  The budgeting process occurs during Spring Budgeting and in supplementary funding throughout the year. Members of SBC are required to attend weekly meetings, advise student groups in the budgeting process, and participate in Spring Budgeting proposals and deliberations.     

Forum for Free Speech (FFS)

Forum for Free Speech is responsible for advising and funding spoken-word events on campus. Members of the committee are required to attend weekly meetings to discuss and vote on which speakers or performers should be funded.    

Movie Committee

Movie Committee is responsible for showing and funding films on campus every weekend. Members of the committee are required to attend weekly meetings in which they discuss and vote on films to show. 

Drama Board

Drama Board is responsible for guiding and funding student theater productions on campus. Members of Drama Board are expected to encourage theater on campus through coordination and oversight. Students interested in producing theatrical events can propose to Drama Board to request funds and support.