Student Government Organization has two branches: the Executive Board and the Student Senate. The Executive Board meets on a weekly basis to make efficient decisions regarding campus policy and student initiatives. The Student Senate meets on a bi-weekly basis as a part of the full SGO to review decisions made by the executive board and to offer support and ideas for SGO initiatives.   

The Co-Presidents head the Executive Board of eight elected SGO committee chairs: Academic Affairs, Diversity, Environmental Impact, Internal Affairs, Student Life Policy, Student Organizations, Student Outreach, and Visual and Performing Arts. Together, the Executive Board votes to pass proposals and amendments to the constitution. The Student Budget Committee Chair is an appointed member to the Executive Board and acts as a liaison between SBC and the elected chairs. 

The Student Senate is comprised of sixteen elected senators and an undetermined number of representational senators. This includes two senators for each class year, eight senators elected at-large, and one senator from each of the following affinity groups: Intercultural Center, Black Cultural Center, Women's Resource Center, Title IX, Interfaith, Low Income/First Generation, International, Lang Center, Music, Visual Art, Drama, Greek Life, and Student Athletic Advisory Committee. This body may propose amendments to the constitution and work with the Executive Board to initiate referenda and pass resolutions. The Executive Board committee chairs head standing committees comprised of members from Student Senate.