Standing committees are headed by the Executive Board committee chairs and are composed of members from Student Senate. These committees are designed to carry out projects and initiatives pertaining to their respective chair's title on behalf of SGO. Standing committee members are expected to work directly with dean's staff and/or the student body to positively influence college policy. Formal committee updates are shared once a month during SGO meetings. Please view the descriptions of all standing committees below. 

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair of Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for assessing the academic life at Swarthmore as well as the college's academic policies. Members of the committee are expected to inform students of the college's academic resources and encourage participation in special academic programs and opportunities. How to best handle any issues regarding academic policy is at the discretion of the Chair of Academic Affairs.    

Appointments Committee

Chair of Internal Affairs

The Appointments Committee consists of five SGO members including the Chair of Internal Affairs. The primary task of Appointments Committee is to fill all positions in student committees and college committees. This process involves advertising open positions, interviewing qualified candidates, and voting to fill the positions. The appointments process occurs once per semester.

Diversity Committee

Chair of Diversity

The Diversity Committee ensures that the needs of affinity groups across campus are met by the college and student government. Additional responsibilities of the Diversity Committee include administering the SGO Bias Response Policy and pursuing campus initiatives that educate the student body and induce productive community dialogue.  

Environmental Impact Committee

Chair of Environmental Impact

The Environment Committee works with members of the dean's staff and student environmental groups to assess the environmental impact of the college, student body, and student government at Swarthmore. The goal of the environmental committee is to decide the best course of action to take in working towards an environmentally educated student body and a more sustainable campus.      



The Student Life Committee is responsible for assessing non-academic student life at Swarthmore. Members of the Student Life Committee are expected to work directly with members of the dean's staff on behalf of the student body to address issues in student life. How to best tackle these issues is at the discretion of the Chair of Student Life Policy.     



The Student Organizations Committee (Student Orgs) consists of five SGO members including the Chair of Student Organizations. The primary task of Student Orgs is to work with student groups in the chartering process. Each member of Student Orgs is expected to monitor and assess groups that are seeking a charter, and report to the Chair of Student Organizations. Once per semester, Student Orgs will approve the charters of new student groups.    

Student Outreach Committee

Chair of Student Outreach

The Outreach Committee works with the other standing committees to make the student body aware of SGO procedures, initiatives, and events. Members of the Outreach Committee are responsible for reaching out to campus news sources and communicating directly with the student body to offer a transparent view to the inner workings of SGO.  

Visual and Performing Arts COMMITTEE

CHAIR OF Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Committee oversees arts-related events on campus and aims to create a space where students can voice their ideas and opinions about art. Members of the committee aim to forge collaborative relationships with campus groups such as the List Gallery, Kitao Gallery, Olde Club, and the OSE in order to ensure student interest is considered in art-related event planning.