Any student or student organization is eligible to propose a campus event and receive funding, services, and space reservations through the online event planning proposal supported by the Office of Student Engagement and Student Government Organization. This system is designed to accommodate any student events that are well planned and have significant student support. 


After you have the idea for your event solidified, you must determine if you need additional funding or services such as graphic design from the Office of Student Engagement. If you do not require funding or these services, then you may skip to step four. Otherwise, continue to step two. 

Step Two

To secure funding and/or OSE services for your event you must complete the online event planning proposal located here. In order for your proposal to be considered, you must submit it on Sunday at 11:59pm at least two weeks before your proposed event, and you must  attend the next proposal meeting on Monday at 6:00pm in the OSE.    

Step Three

Your proposal will be reviewed by funding sources across campus, and you will be notified with the total allocation. If you have any questions or concerns about the amount of funding received, you should contact the OSE for details. 

Step Four

Now you may reserve space for your event and request student workers here. This must be completed at a minimum of one week before your event.     

Step Five

Enjoy your event! Make sure you are there to ensure everything runs smoothly, and contact the Director of Student Activities with any issues.