Swarthmore offers a wide variety of student-run organizations that give students the opportunity to explore their interests and become more deeply integrated in the campus community. SGO officially recognizes student organizations through the chartering process, which occurs each semester. Once a organization is chartered, it maintains its charter as long as it abides by SGO's yearly procedures outlined by the Chair of Student Organizations. 


Only chartered student organizations are eligible for funding from the Student Activities Budget via SBC. A majority of the yearly budget for student organizations is allocated during Spring Budgeting the year before. Supplementary funding is also available throughout the year on a proposal basis. Please refer to the Budgeting Guide for more information on Spring Budgeting and proposing for supplementary funding.         


Any student groups seeking a charter must follow the chartering process. Members of the Student Organizations Committee (Student Orgs)  work with student groups to ensure they meet specific criteria regarding active membership, regularly scheduled meetings, and organized leadership structure. The Student Organizations Committee votes to approve the charters of student organizations each semester.